Post Procedure Care Instructions

After Cosmetic Reconstruction

A cosmetic reconstruction would involve enhancing and improving the aesthetics and structure of the teeth, gums, and the jaws. At our facility, we ensure that our patients are given proper counseling before the procedure and proper instructions of care for their smile after a procedure. We understand, all is not really well once you’ve undergone a cosmetic surgery, patients will experience on and off areas of pain, swelling, and uneasiness while talking. We are assuring you that your journey will be much hassle-free as our kind staffs and dentists are concerned about you even while you leave our office. As you are going through post-procedure care instructions on our website, feel free to read about our brief aftercare instructions and tips that we advise:

  • Any signs of swelling gums can be dealt with the help of a salt water rinse. The sodium component of salt will blend into the tissues helping you to calm the inflammation. We advise taking this twice a day.
  • In case patients experience unbearable pain, our dentists will ensure to have it gone with the help of prescriptions.
  • We advise you to be patient enough to regain back your full strength in speech as it will take a week or two for its full recovery.
  • We advise our patients to brush and floss twice a day. It is vital to ensure good oral hygiene for sparkling results after a cosmetic procedure.
  • It will go a long way for patients restrained from smoking to help avoid any accumulation of the harmful strains of tobacco on your newly constructed mouth.
  • As sensitivity will be experienced at its peak just after a cosmetic reconstruction, we advise patients to restrain themselves from consuming extreme hot or cold beverages.
  • Patients shall wear a mouth guard during sleep while playing sports, or during field work to protect themselves.

If you have any problems or concerns, please let us know. We always welcome your questions.

After Crown and Bridge Appointments

Dental crowns and bridges are dental restorations that help to replace missing teeth. A typical procedure would involve placing a temporary restoration at first followed by the permanent restoration. Generally, every final restoration will be custom made. Patients will be advised to wear a temporary restoration until then. While wearing your temporary restoration it is important to good oral care.Here are some tips on taking care of your mouth while and after getting your permanent restoration.

  • It is natural to feel an odd sensation on the gums and a slight swelling once the anesthesia wears off. As you experience this, the best remedy to cure the swelling will be to take a saltwater rinse.
  • We advise patients to restrain from consuming hot or cold beverages until they are free from swelling and numbness.
  • To ensure your crowns don’t come off, it will be helpful to avoid eating hard food such as nuts, walnuts, pizzas, etc.
  • We advise patients to continue their oral routines such as brushing and flossing twice a day.
  • We want to assure our patients that any feeling of pressure difference just after a procedure or rectification is completely normal and will disappear within a day.

Please feel free to call us at 408-224-1333 in case you experience any signs of discomfort. We will be happy to assist you.

After Tooth Extraction

A tooth extraction is for our patients who suffer from decayed teeth and roots. It is vital to provide your gums with a natural healing period to ensure that they are completely healed and clotted enough. We understand it is a sticky situation with pain to deal with after an extraction. Dr. Martin and Dr. Cordero are experts to ensure that you come out it without much stress. Our dentists will guide you upon the dos and don’ts after an extraction to ensure that your gums will be ready for the next step. Here are some tips that we can briefly share with you regarding the post-procedure care for a tooth extraction.

  • Although your gums may seem healed, you might experience sudden breakage. Don’t be alarmed as this is natural. Biting on a piece of gauze piece for about 30-45 minutes will stop this from happening.
  • Let’s support the healing process by not smoking, drinking hot or cold beverages, and brushing anywhere near the extraction point for a period of 72 hours.
  • We advise mild flossing to ensure no dirt accumulates at the site of extraction.
  • Let’s restrain from any vigorous exercises for some time until the gums are completely healed.
  • After a period of 24 hours, patients may resume their normal dental hygiene routines.
  • Patients are advised to strictly follow the prescriptions to subside signs of pain after a procedure for maximum comfort.

In case of any other signs of discomfort or unusual bleeding, please feel free to call our office and we shall assist you.

After Composite Fillings (white fillings)

A composite filling is a filling material that is used to fill the cavities of the teeth to restore damaged teeth. It is natural to feel a bit of uneasiness after your filling, but we ensure that you will come out of this.

  • We ensure that your fillings are intact and done right. Patients will be advised to follow some post procedure care after every procedure. Read to understand the post-procedure care for a filling.
  • We advise our patients to avoid chewing on hard food and consuming any hot or cold beverages until the numbness has healed.
  • We advise our patients to perform salt water rinses to subside any signs of swelling.
  • Patients are advised to strictly follow the dentist’s prescription to enjoy maximum comfort after the filling.

Patients can start chewing with their teeth as soon as the anesthetic wears off. In case patients experience any signs of extreme discomfort, please feel free to contact us at Number408-224-1333.


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